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Legislators “Issues for Citizens”

Providing Illinois Issues to citizens via public libraries

Program Components

  • Personal subscription and complimentary public library subscription presented in the legislator’s name.

    For every subscription purchased by a legislator, Illinois Issues will provide a complimentary subscription for the same period in the legislator’s name to a public library in his/her district. The library will also receive a copy of The Illinois Governors: Mostly Good and Competent by Robert Howard, third edition (2007) edited by Taylor Pensoneau and Peggy Boyer Long.

  • Recognition
    The legislator will be recognized in Illinois Issues as the subscription provider. Also, the library and the community will be notified by Illinois Issues of the legislator’s gift via letters and news releases.

    Issues for Citizens contributor list


  • Promote information and education of public policy through public libraries.

    Illinois Issues
    , with the assistance and support of the General Assembly, will further its mission to inform and educate Illinoisans concerning public policy issues, thereby promoting civic engagement and encouraging dialogue on important issues that affect the lives of Illinois citizens. Illinois Issues believes that public libraries are the appropriate means to reach as many citizens as possible. Legislators will be providing a public service to their constituents by providing information about public policy issues through the libraries.

Contact Rachel Lattimore at or 217-206-6094 for more information.

Illinois Issues, May 2011


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