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Meet the Staff

Director/Executive Editor, Center Publications


  • Managing Editor: Maureen McKinney
  • Statehouse Bureau Chief: Jamey Dunn
  • Columnist: Charlie Wheeler III
  • Associate Editor: Beverley Scobell
  • Research Assistant: Eliot Clay
  • Public Affairs Reporting Intern: Caitlin Rydinsky
  • Editorial Assistant: Debi Edmund



Advisory Board


  • Charles W. Scholz, attorney, Quincy.

Vice Chair

  • Cynthia Canary, chair, Ethics Reform Task Force, City of Chicago.


  • MarySue Barrett, president, Metropolitan Planning Council, Chicago.
  • Brian Brady, executive director, Mikva Challenge, Chicago.
  • John Carpenter, executive vice president & chief operating officer, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Chicago.
  • Robert J. Christie, vice president, external affairs and communications, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, Chicago.
  • Valerie Denney, president, Valerie Denney Communications, Chicago.
  • Kathleen Dunn, vice president, government relations, Illinois Hospital Association, Springfield.
  • Jim Edgar, senior fellow, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois.
  • Robert Gallo, senior state director, AARP Illinois.
  • Sharon Gist Gilliam, retired chairperson, Chicago Housing Authority.
  • Graham Grady, attorney, Shefsky and Froelich, Chicago.
  • Doris B. Holleb, professorial lecturer, University of Chicago.
  • Bethany Jaeger, management consultant, Kerber, Eck and Braecel, Springfield.
  • David Kohn, executive director of public affairs, Union League Club of Chicago.
  • Mike Lawrence, retired director, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.
  • Jeff Mays, president, Illinois Business Roundtable, Chicago.
  • Brad McMillan, executive director, Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service, Bradley University, Peoria.
  • Laurence J. Msall, president, The Civic Federation, Chicago.
  • Dawn Clark Netsch, professor of law emeritus, Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago.
  • Sylvia Puente, executive director, Latino Policy Forum, Chicago.
  • Kent Redfield, professor emeritus of political studies, University of Illinois Springfield.
  • John R. Rosales, director of Chicago City Colleges, south Chicago campus.
  • Tom Ryder, attorney, W. Thomas Ryder, LTD, Springfield.
  • Alysia Tate, Chicago.
  • Kelly Thompson, executive director, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois, Springfield.
  • Jhatayn "Jay" Travis, executive director, Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, Chicago.
  • George Van Dusen, mayor of Skokie.
  • Corinne Wood, attorney, Lake Forest.

Ex-Officio Members

  • Robert Easter, president, University of Illinois.
  • Susan Koch, chancellor, University of Illinois Springfield.
  • Dana Heupel, director/executive editor, Center Publications and Illinois Issues
  • David Racine, executive director, Center for State Policy and Leadership, University of Illinois Springfield.
  • Christopher Z. Mooney , director and professor, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois.

Members Emeritus
(years served on board in parentheses)

  • Michael J. Bakalis (1983-2001)
  • James M. Banovetz (1986-2005)
  • James L. Fletcher (1983-2000)
  • David Kenney (1978-90)
  • Louis H. Masotti (1978-92)
  • Dawn Clark Netsch (1996-2013)
  • James T. Otis (1975-94)
  • David J. Paulus (1988-94)
  • Carl Shier (1978-87).


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Illinois Issues magazine is dedicated to providing fresh, provocative analysis of public policy in Illinois. With a special focus on Illinois government and politics, the magazine pays close attention to current trends and legislative issues, and examines the state's quality of life.

The magazine also engages its readers in dialogue, enhancing the quality of public discourse in Illinois. A not-for-profit monthly magazine published by the University of Illinois at Springfield , Illinois Issues also sponsors and promotes other appropriate public affairs educational activities.