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Illinois Issues reaches your target audience.

With a monthly readership of over 15,000, Illinois Issues is one of the state's pre-eminent publications. See the results of our recent readership survey or to read testimonials.

Get your message to the audience you need to reach—the people of Illinois as well as the policy makers and decision makers in our state. Learn more reasons why you should place an ad with Illinois Issues.

Advertise in Illinois Issues magazine today.

No alcohol, tobacco, or gambling advertising accepted. Ad will be billed upon insertion.

Advertising Rates

Color prices:
Color available on back cover, inside front cover and inside back cover.

  • Full color - add $535.
  • Spot color - add $275. (Illinois Issues spot color is green Pantone #561).

Please contact our advertising department at (217) 206-9847 for more information about color placement rates.

Black and white ads prices:
Full Page

  • 1 time: $1,275
  • 3 times: $1,235
  • 6 times: $1,200
  • 10 times: $1,155.

1/2 Page

  • 1 time: $850
  • 3 times: $820
  • 6 times: $775
  • 10 times: $735.

3/10 Page

  • 1 time: $700
  • 3 times: $660
  • 6 times: $620
  • 10 times: $580.

1/5 Page

  • 1 time: $365
  • 3 times: $360
  • 6 times: $350
  • 10 times: $340

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Advertising Deadlines

  • November 2013
    Insertion order deadline: October 4
    Ad copy deadline: October 11
  • January 2014
    Insertion order deadline: November 18
    Ad copy deadline: November 22
  • February 2014
    Insertion order deadline: January 3
    Ad copy deadline: January 10
  • March 2014
    Insertion order deadline: January 31
    Ad copy deadline: February 7
  • April 2014
    Insertion order deadline: February 28
    Ad copy deadline: March 7
  • May 2014
    Insertion order deadline: March 28
    Ad copy deadline: April 4
  • June 2014
    Insertion order deadline: May 2
    Ad copy deadline: May 9
  • July/August 2014
    Insertion order deadline: May 30
    Ad copy deadline: June 6

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Advertising Sizes

Full Page

  • Decimal Inches: 7.667" w x 9.917" h
  • Picas: 46p w x 59p6 h

Full Page with bleed
(Measurements below include 1/8" bleed. The full page dimensions listed above is the image area.)

  • Decimal Inches: 8.75" w x 11.25" h
  • Picas: 52p6 w x 67p6 h

½ Page

  • Decimal Inches: 7.667" w x 4.833" h
  • Picas: 46p w x 29p h

3/10 Page

  • Decimal Inches: 4.542" w x 4.833" h
  • Picas: 27p3 w x 29p h

1/5 Page

  • Decimal Inches: 2.979" w x 4.833" h
  • Picas: 17p10.5 w x 29p h

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Ad Specifications
Submit your ad one of the following ways:

  • Mail a CD with a high resolution or vector file (please include a hard copy of ad so that we can check for digital accuracy) to: Illinois Issues WUIS 130, University of Illinois Springfield, One University Plaza, Springfield, IL 62703.
  • Transmit electronic tif file or pdf with fonts embedded to Rachel Lattimore at Illinois Issues. Please fax (217) 206-7257 hard copy of ad so that we can check for digital accuracy.


  • Illinois Issues uses Macintosh OSX
  • QuarkXPress 8
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 software
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.


  • Lines per inch: 133lpi
  • Dots per inch: 300dpi (300 ppi)
  • Four-Color Process: Files submitted in RGB will be converted to CYMK format

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For information, contact:

Illinois Issues
University of Illinois at Springfield
P.O. Box 19243
Springfield, IL 62794-9243
(217) 206-9847

Why Illinois Issues?

A newly-elected state official approached us at a conference in Chicago and gave the greatest compliment our magazine could ever get. She said that after she had become a candidate, her campaign staff told her to read a stack of Illinois Issues to get up to speed about Illinois government and politics.

Her staff knew we follow Illinois closely. We get some of Illinois' best writers to analyze what's happening, and we're in touch with the players in government. We don't do he-said she-said stories. We discard the daily quote machines, take a step back, and scrutinize what's really happening.

Our coverage is painstakingly nonpartisan. We have an influential audience. Our readers are well-educated, ideologically diverse, and engaged in Illinois politics and government. Half have at least a master's degree, and almost two-thirds affect the decision making process in Illinois government — as association executives, lobbyists, educators, elected officials, and appointed officials.

In publication since 1975 by the University of Illinois at Springfield (formerly Sangamon State University), we have become known as Illinois' leading public affairs periodical. We accept that honor, and we work hard with each issue to live up to it.

Our readers tell us they rely on Illinois Issues to keep up with Illinois government and politics.