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Antonio Pearson, 4, and Rochetta Tyler
Young black males
by Maureen Foertsch McKinney

The psyches of African-American boys are at risk because of police shootings, racial profiling and perception problems.

Closeup of a survivor’s t-shirt design "raped"
Sexual assault

by Tara García Mathewson
The nationwide campus crisis hits home in Illinois.

Illustration of prison bars
Criminal sentencing

by Brian Mackey

A state legislative panel looks at whether there’s a better way to handle punishment


Jamey DunnEditor’s note
by Jamey Dunn

Tax and pension fix won’t end Illinois’ budget crisis

Brian Mackey
State of the state

by Brian Mackey

Anchoring, the $5 ask and other fundraising mind games

Ends and Means

by Charles N. Wheeler III
, Columnist
Ugly election brings home need for campaign finance reform

Also in the November issue…

Casino overload by Kurt Erickson
Do Jersey Shore closings bode ill for riverboats in Illinois?

Illinois judiciary by Suzanne Dennis Borland and Barbara Hayler
The state’s judges are a more diverse group than 30 years ago.

Special project

Renewing the partnership between the state and nonprofits
By Brent Never