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Hall of Fame

Information about the 2011 inductees.

Join us at the next Hall of Fame event in 2013.

The Illinois Legislative Staff Internship program began in 1961 when the General Assembly appropriated funds to the Legislative Council to match a Ford Foundation grant to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The program then became a permanent program of the Illinois General Assembly through the Legislative Council, the University of Illinois and other cooperating universities. In 1972, Sangamon State University (now University of Illinois at Springfield) assumed major responsibility for the direction of the program.

In 1990, Illinois Issues, the state’s leading public affairs magazine, established the Samuel K. Gove Illinois Legislative Internship Hall of Fame honoring former legislative interns whose careers have exemplified distinguished public service. The first eleven members of the Hall of Fame were inducted in 1990. Additional outstanding former interns were inducted in 1993, 1995, 1997 and 1999, with another five being elected this year. Former interns become eligible for the Hall of Fame ten years after serving as interns.

2011 Inductees
David E. Kennedy
Bruce C. Kinnett
Michael C. Maibach
Catherine M. Shannon
Frank Straus

2009 Inductees
John Day
Claire B. Eberle
Stephen R. Pacey
Lee J. Schwartz
Gretchen A. Winter

2007 Inductees
Rodger Heaton
Vicki Thomas
Thomas Wagner

2005 Inductees
Richard E. Dunn
Neil F. Flynn
Terry A. Scrogum
Debra K. Smitley
Clive M. Topol

2003 Inductees
Judith A. Redick
David A. Epstein
Brian McFadden
Peg Laird Mosgers

2001 Inductees
Terri L. Coombes
Brenda J. Holmes
James C. Jepsen
Richard W. Larison
David W. Olien

1999 Inductees
Kurt M. Granberg
John R. Headrick
Robert H. Newtson
Marcia E. Thompson

1997 Inductees
Kurt R. DeWeese
Michael P. Duncan
William S. Hanley
Lori Spear Montana

1995 Inductees
Prescott E. Bloom
Timothy R. Campbell
Allen D. Grosboll
Linda M. Wheeler

1993 Inductees
Kirk W. Dillard
Lawrence N. Hansen
H. Carter Hendren
Linda K. Kingman

1990 Inductees
Wayne R. Andersen
Terry L. Bruce
Richard J. Carlson
Richard W. Carlson
Jim Edgar
James L. Fletcher
William G. Holland
Douglas N. Kane
M. Veronica Lynch
Sylvia Davis Thompson
Paul L. Williams


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Illinois Issues
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