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bullet The Paul Simon Essay

The commissioned Paul Simon Essay honors the memory of an Illinois Issues founder. These essays look in new ways at the ethical and moral dimensions of policy questions that were important to Simon. The Joyce Foundation funded the inaugural essay by Political philosopher Jean Bethke Elshtain of the University of Chicago.

Civic Virtues: Moral imperatives grounded in religion call us to come to know a good in common we cannot know alone. By Jean Bethke Elshtain, May 2005

Burning question: How to help the poor? The answer might be found in the stories and the voices of Illinoisans who themselves live in the poorest communities in the state.
Essay and photographs by John Wesley Fountain, May 2007

bullet Samuel K. Gove Illinois Legislative Internship Hall of Fame

The Samuel K. Gove Illinois Legislative Internship Hall of Fame honoring former legislative interns whose careers have exemplified distinguished public service.

bullet Bill Miller Public Affairs Reporting Hall of Fame

The Bill Miller Public Affairs Reporting Hall of Fame was established by Illinois Issues magazine and WUIS public radio. The Hall recognizes graduates who have had distinguished careers in journalism that embody the program's goals and that reflect the ideals of Bill Miller, an award-winning journalist who served as the program’s director for 19 years.

bullet The Illinois Civic Engagement Project

The Project is a research and citizen action project: a research project to measure and describe the level and forms of civic engagement of the citizens of Illinois, and a citizen action project to help Illinoisans learn how to enhance and sustain civic engagement for the betterment of our communities.

bullet The Illinois Campaign Finance Project

Project goals were to create a database of campaign finance in Illinois for 1990-1994; increase public awareness of campaign finance reform; make analysis of campaign finance more accessible; increase the interest of the new media in dealing with campaign finance issues and campaign finance documents; and increase the interest of Illinois legislators, constituional officers and their staffs in making campaign finance issues a topic of serious discussion in the public debate. Download the report (pdf).


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Governors BookThe Illinois Governors:
Mostly Good and Competent

The updated edition of this classic book about the Illinois governors concludes that they were a cross section of the political ideas and the social attitudes of their times.

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